Cardi B Wins Lawsuit Against YouTuber Tasha K

A major legal win for rapper Cardi B as she won millions of dollars in a landmark defamation suit against blogger Tasha K.

Social media shenanigans turn into a legitimate court case back in 2019, when rapper Cardi B decided to follow a defamation lawsuit against celebrity blogger Tasha K.

This was after the celebrity blogger made numerous false and heinous allegations among other things saying that the rapper had an STD and also alleging that she had been unfaithful to her boyfriend.

one of lawsuit alleges in terms of legal jargon, slander per se, slander libel per se, defamation and invasion of privacy, false light.

The Cardi B attorney Keith Lamar junior says that this could be a landmark case and the ruling could also create a baseline for proving defamation in favor of celebrities in the future

while the court has already ruled in this case, keep e now has to pay millions in damages. but she seems unfazed that she posted on twitter thanking her husband and her legal team for their support.

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