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Genesis Lopez (Genesis Mia Lopez) also known online as MissGenii and Geniva is a sponsored fitness model and social media celebrity. Genesis Lopez was born on July 16, 1993 in Miami, Florida. Before getting in to modeling, Genesis Lopez was a professional manga artist and former webcam model.

At one instance in her Instagram account, Genesis Lopez freely admits to having breast implants. Though many at her position would refuse to acknowledge but that’s something which makes Genesis Lopez one of the most accepting and influential social media star.

Genesis Lopez used to be a natural size D, but due to her fitness and workout routine, she lost fat and volume in her breasts; she says. To this day! Genesis Lopez has 605cc high profile silicone implants.

Genesis is passionate about fitness and workout. She often shares photos and videos of her incredible physique on her social media accounts. Genesis is also an entrepreneur as in year 2019, she launched her own swimwear brand for adjustable bikinis named as BARE Swimwear.

Genesis Lopez received her social media fame when she started showing off her physique on Instagram. She now has nearly 195.7k Followers on Twitter and 4.8M Followers on Instagram.

Genesis Lopez Biography Wiki
Name: Genesis Mia Lopez
Profession: Social Media Influencer
Nationality: American
Born: July 16, 1993
Age (As In 2022): 28 Years
Marital Status: In Relationship
Height: 5 Feet
Weight: 110lbs
Ethnicity: Cuban/Brazilian

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