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Paige Hathaway is a renowned fitness model, entrepreneur and social media influencer. Paige Hathaway was born on July 31, 1987 in Minnesota. After her 16th birthday, Paige moved to the state of Oklahoma to live on her own.

During her fitness career, Paige competed at NPC statewide competition in the United States and ranked second at the 2012 Ronnie Coleman Classic. The next year, she was announced as the Winner of FLEX August 2013 Bikini Model Search.

Since then, Paige became the cover face of many renowned magazines including Oxygen, Inside Fitness, Fitness Gurls, Livid Magazine, Muscular Development, Dakini Magazine, Women’s Health and Fitness and many more.

For three years, Paige has endorsed the brand Shredz and also became a part of Gymshark team in the BodyPower UK Expo 2013. Paige also has her own website where she offers the “Fit in 5” challenge that will offer $5000 in cash prizes if participants get fit in 5 weeks.

Paige Hathaway’s received her social media fame when she started showing off her physique on Instagram. She now has nearly 220k followers on twitter, 130k YouTube subscribers and 3.7m followers on Instagram.

Paige Hathaway Biography Wiki
Name: Paige Hathaway
Profession: Fitness Model, Trainer
Nationality: American
Born: 31 July 1987
Age (As In 2022): 34 Years
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5 Feet 4 Inches
Weight: 115 Pounds
Hair Color: Blonde Ombre
Eye Color: Blue

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