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Rahki Giovanni is an American body builder, Fitness Influencer and Social media star also known as Florida’s ‘Queen of Fitness’. Rahki Giovanni was born on August 4, 1988 in Miami but she’s believed to be from Puerto Rican & Haitian descent.

Rahki Giovanni started her weightlifting career back in 2015 where she consistently followed a disciplined workout routine with a healthy diet plan. She’s also known as Florida’s ‘Queen of Fitness’ because of her thick and curvy physique which are result of her “Explosive Workout” routine.

Rahki Giovanni soon started sharing photos and videos of her workout routine on social media which immediately blew the internet and gave her fame and attention in no time. Rakhi because of her natural physique, started building and growing her fanbase and in no time, she emerged as a renowned body builder, fitness trainer and sponsored fitness athlete.

During pandemic, Rakhi has spent lots of time away from the gym and from the spotlight but now she’s back on YouTube and her social media to the world what she’s been doing. Since coming out of the lockdown, she currently weights at 306.4lbs. Despite being a fitness influencer, she’s also a mother of a beautiful baby boy.

Rahki Giovanni received her fame when she started showing off her physique on social media. She now has nearly 27.8k followers on twitter, 128K YouTube subscribers and 687K followers on Instagram.

Rahki Giovanni Biography Wiki
Name: Rahki Giovanni
Profession: Body Builder, Fitness Influencer
Nationality: American
Born: August 4, 1988
Age (As In 2022): 32 Years
Marital Status: In Relationship
Height: 5 Feet 8 inches
Weight: 306lbs
Ethnicity: Puerto Rican/Haitian

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