What Movie Starred The Current Host of The Tonight Show

Want to know what movie starred the current host of “The Tonight Show”? Read the post to find out what movie starred the current host of The Tonight Show. But before we start, we just want to say that Fever Pitch was an underrated romantic comedy movie with great acting from the host of the tonight show.

The movie fever pitch was released in 2005 and it was originally based on the novel written by Nick Hornsby but the screenplay was written by Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel. Directed by the Farrelly Brothers, the movie is Starring Jimmy Fallon and drew Barrymore.

What Movie Starred the Current Host Of “The Tonight Show”?

The current host of The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon was starred in a Baseball-Themed Romantic Comedy Movie named Fever Pitch.

In the movie, Jimmy Fallon plays a diehard Boston Red Sox fan named Ben, whereas Drew Barrymore plays his girlfriend named Lindsey, who play the character of the corporate world workaholic in the movie. While meeting for the first time, both Ben and Lindsey instantly fall head-over-heels in love with each other.

When Ben first shows up at her door for the first date, Lindsey is completely stricken with food poisoning and he spends the night taking care of Lindsey. Lindsey soon finds out that Ben is a super-duper Red Sox fans which he does warn her about but she doesn’t understand exactly what he means until she sees him on TV acting like a die-hard Red Sox fan.

Later on, she figures out that she basically plans her life around his Red Sox game schedule. Unfortunately, this does mean heartbreak for her but in the end, do the two end up together? or do they end up going their separate ways? for that you’ll have to find out on your own and just watch the movie because it is an amazingly great movie.

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