What to Wear in Dubai – Dress Code in Dubai

Dubai’s such a popular destination and many people always ask what is the best dress code and if there is any special attire for certain locations and situations. In this post, you’ll get some tips to best face all the different possible scenarios.

Shopping malls are pretty spectacular in Dubai, you can literally spend hours and hours in here shopping and restaurants anything you love to do is available. If you’re planning a visit, you’re definitely recommended to bring along a scarf or a light jacket this is because the air conditioners are pretty strong in Dubai and you want your body to adapt quickly from outside.

If you’re planning a visit government offices, it is definitely recommended to cover your shoulders and knees as its very important to be respectful to the local people working in these places.

Your dress code for Dubai desert safari must depend on the season. During cold months, carry a warm jacket because it does actually get cold in the desert at night but in the summer months or in the hotter months definitely make sure your cool and comfortable you don’t need to cover.

Do remember to carry your sunglasses though because it does get a bit bright in the desert and also flip-flops or shoes that you can remove a sometimes best so you can feel the sand underneath your toes. A more cultural part of Dubai is “Old Dubai” it’s a very traditional area and great for tourist who visit here. You can find lots of traditional spots like souks, museums and mosques.

While visiting museums or mosques, it’s important to dress more conservatively and more respectfully. Especially as a woman, you should make sure that you are covering your shoulders and your knees if you do plan to go inside any of the mosques you will be provided with some sort of abaya at the entrance which will just be helpful to make sure that you cover up. It’s a great area to visit but just make sure that you are dressed more appropriately when it comes to dressing in religious places.

In the new parts of the city like in Dubai Marina, JLT and Basha Heights, you’ll find plenty of clubs, bars, restaurants and hotels. There you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in like shorts, tops, dresses as long as not too revealing.

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