Ben Simmons Has Lost $19M in Fines During 2021-22 NBA Season

Ben Simmons is reportedly fined $19 million by Philadelphia 76ers this season and he could lose additional $12M or more. Benjamin David Simmons A.K.A Ben Simmons is an Australian professional basketball player currently playing for Philadelphia 76ers.

Ben Simmons has lost over $19 million during 2021-22 NBA season in fines and if he doesn’t come back to play for the Philadelphia 76ers or if he doesn’t play for another team, he could lose an additional $12 million dollars.

Ben Simmons is supposedly involved with the team and shows up to film sessions and shoot-arounds, but he doesn’t really get involved with the team. he doesn’t stay long, he doesn’t engage with anybody but the sixers are still taking away his money.

Ben Simmons is also reportedly upset with Joel Embiid because Embiid blamed him for the loss last season in the playoffs and he didn’t blame Embiid the year before when they were in the playoffs against the Toronto Raptors. Simmons claims that Embiid had a terrible shooting series and he didn’t say anything to him about that.

Simmons is also upset that the 76ers are continuing to fine him even though he raised he had mental health issue that’s why he’s not coming back to play but if it’s not working, they’ll still be able to fine him.

Simmons has yet to make a public comment about the situation but we’ll wait until the entire story unfolds. 76ers fans, do let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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