Crypto Phishing Attacks & How To Protect Against Them

There is a lot of different scams out there on the internet some of the ones that we see a lot are phishing. Phishing is what happens when somebody sends you an email or maybe creates an online ad that impersonates another human being or company.

The most common example of phishing is receiving an email that looks like it’s potentially from your cryptocurrency exchange platform and says please reset your password by clicking this link when you click the link however it actually brings you to a website controlled by the attacker not by cryptocurrency exchange and they’ll use that to collect your username and password and potentially your two factor codes.

 Phishing can be very sophisticated and it’s always important to just double check if you’re not expecting an email from cryptocurrency exchange platform or from you know another brand that you trust. Give it a second look and always double check that the email address is from the domain that you expect it to be.

Some ways that you can detect phishing are by being really careful about what a web url is. Attackers will definitely try to buy domains that look similar or use common typos of actual domains. The most sophisticated ones are similar to the actual domain name where attacker has bought domain that spells and sounds similar to actual domain.

One must always be on the lookout for any suspicious emails. Don’t click on an email that’s not coming from the actual official email of the service you use. Phishing overall is used to encompass mostly email scams but there’s also fishing and smishing.

Smishing is voicemail fishing or sms text fishing increasingly sms based phishing campaign where rather than sending you an email with a link a lot of people are getting texts claiming to be from a mail provider that they have a package waiting for them even if you’re expecting something don’t click on the link or go to that website directly.

If you click on something, it’s not always obvious if you think you may have clicked on a phishing link a few things you should do one is immediately do a virus scan or malware scan on your computer two is immediately reset all of your passwords you don’t want to give that information to attacker.

The longer you wait, the more likely it is that that attacker can do something with that information. If you believe that you’ve received a phishing email from attacker having similar name as your cryptocurrency exchange platform, always forward that to your exchange to verify if its actually them or not.

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