How To Style a Bomber Jacket For All Seasons

If you don’t have a bomber jacket yet, you’re slacking. Every guy needs at least one in his closet. They’re just one of those items that never go out of style. So, today, you’ll learn three different ways you can style a bomber jacket.

  • First, street style look
  • Second, casual look
  • Third, monochromatic look.

For the first look, the main piece you need for this outfit is a layered long-line shirt which actually just gives that illusion of layering. But you can obviously just tack two shirts, one longer than the other, to get the same effect. For the jeans, go with these gray skinny jeans with knee slits, and the sneakers with a splash of color to match the contrast of your jacket.

For the casual look, you will need to wear a hoodie underneath the bomber which can also be the staple look for the fall and winter time. This look is not just versatile but also comfortable, and the hood looks really good sitting on top of the jacket, just make sure the hoodie isn’t too thick. For jeans, go with black skinny jeans with the ripped knees and carry your favorite black or gray sneakers, and you’re good to go.

For this third monochromatic look, go all black. This is a very versatile look, you can either wear it during the day or for a night out. This monochromatic look is easy to pull off, and wearing all black actually makes you look slimmer, which is always a plus. And then of course, you can rock all black jeans for this look, and also, black shoes to keep it consistent.

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