How to Trade in iPhone: Best Ways to Sell or Trade

The new iphones are expected later this month we’re expecting the iphone 13 so what does that mean you should do with your old phone? well if you want to you can trade it in and get some good money for it but before you do that you’re gonna have to take some important steps.

Number one is backing up your current phone this way when you get your new phone you’ll be able to load up your older phone’s profile have all the apps and software that you need on there to do that what you’re going to have to do is go into the settings page and then tap apple id icloud media and purchases from there you’re going to scroll down to icloud choose icloud backup then from there you’re going to press back up now and that’ll start to back up everything on your smartphone to your icloud account then once you log in on your new phone it’ll pull it all back down and it’ll be like you had your old phone again on a much more expensive newer phone.

How to Erase iPhone for Trade in?

Now! what do you do before you sell your old phone? well you’re gonna have to make sure that you completely erase it because you don’t want any of those text messages or photos that you have on there finding themselves into the hands of someone you don’t know to do that you’re gonna have to go back into the settings app and then choose reset from the general tab that’s all the way at the bottom of the screen you’re going to then tap erase all content and settings from there they’re going to ask you to enter your passcode for your phone you’re probably going to have to enter it twice and then it’ll say tap to erase iphone tap that it’ll look like a scary warning then you’re gonna have to sign in with your icloud password type in the password you’ll get another scary warning about deleting all the data on your phone press that and then it’ll start to erase your phone entirely once you’re done with that it’ll go back to looking like a new phone it’ll have hello in a bunch of different languages ask you to set up wi-fi you can turn it off from there at that point you’re done you could ship it out to wherever you’re going to send it.

There are a few options to be able to sell your phone you can use something like a gazelle you can use something uh like verizon (t-mobile) or you can just go straight to the apple store and trade it. Some of the prices you can get for your older phone are really impressive and iphone 10s max will get you up to 450 but for older phones like iphone 5 you’re probably not going to get a lot but some of the older phones you can get 35 bucks.

But look! money is money and if you’re gonna put it to your new phone then that’s great. Another thing you can do if you’re not going to get any money for it you can recycle it and if you’re feeling like you want to give back to something you can donate your phone to charity or shelter, at least this way someone can have access to a phone they might otherwise not but that’s where you can what you can do with your older phone and then you know have fun with your new one.

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