Novak Djokovic Visa Cancellation from Australian Court

Novak djokovic is expected to finally learn whether he can stay and compete in the australian open or be deported and banned from australia for three years. the unvaccinated tennis star’s fate is now in the hand of three federal judges. Although detained but not defeated; novak djokovic spent saturday under guard preparing for a showdown in court.

Australia’s immigration minister revoked novak djokovic visa on friday on health and good order grounds, saying the unvaccinated player could stoke anti-vaccine sentiment. most australians also want the serbian star to leave, especially after he admitted he took part in an interview and photo shoot last month, knowing he had tested positive for covid-19, and that his agent gave incorrect information on his immigration form.

In australia, more than 90% of adults are vaccinated, and Melbourne has followed six lockdowns, lasting over 260 days. Although there is a lot of frustration about the time this is taking in court, not only from australian people, but also from competitors in the australian open. the tournament is set to start on monday. whatever the outcome on court, the off-court drama has already fueled a global debate over how to live and play in this pandemic.

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