What to Wear in Amsterdam – Dress Code in Amsterdam

If you’re heading to Amsterdam, do keep in mind that in Amsterdam, the weather is extremely unpredictable so do not ever go to Amsterdam unprepared. Always pack rain jackets and comfortable water-resistant shoes, preferably ones having good traction because in a solid rainstorm all that beautiful cobblestone turns into a killer slip and slide.

Speaking of the wind in Amsterdam, there’s two things. First, pack a warm scarf even if you’re going in July. Scarves are really awesome way at keeping you warm against the wind and in a place like Amsterdam, it’s usually smarter to wear jeans, pants or shorts rather than skirts and dresses unless you want to be holding your skirt down while you walk around sight seeing.

Amsterdam is also a very active City and a very popular thing to do is to explore the city by bicycle which can get really awkward in a dress especially with the wind blowing your skirt up. Lots of Dutch girls wear skirts and dresses so if you’re insistent on wearing yours, just do what they do, which is to wear leggings underneath. They even wear leggings under shorts that’s totally into you.

What to Wear in Amsterdam Dress Code in Amsterdam 4

Dutch people tend to choose comfort over anything else. So given that, they generally dress pretty casually especially compared to other European capitals like Paris. So if you’re planning to visit Amsterdam, make sure you dress up with few key items mentioned above and pack clothes that are practical for the weather. If you’re travelling to Netherlands, then you might also like to read what to wear in netherlands.

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