What to Wear in Japan – Dress Code in Japan

Japan is a really cool mixture of traditional and modern with conservative and really daring fashion but regardless of the style, all Japanese take pride in their appearance. Since Japan is one of the leading fashion countries in the world and welcomes millions of visitors every single year, pretty much any style is acceptable. Here are some general rules that you need to follow.

Rule #1 “no holes in your socks” Why? Because many places in Japan especially homes and restaurants you take your shoes off. So dirty socks with holes in them or even worse bare feet is considered really rude and it’s just gross. Incase even if you plan on wearing sandals one day and at least carry a pair of socks with you.

Rule #2 “No flip-flops” Why? because flip-flops are considered house shoes and they’re viewed more as slippers so you only wear them inside. Most Japanese girls wear flats or sneakers like converse very popular and they love high heels so it’s probably better to stick to those for sightseeing and of course save the heels for going out at night.

Rule #3 “No cleavage” you can totally get away with short and skirts in big cities like but you really can’t get away with it in the smaller cities that are a lot more conservative.

Rule #4 “no shear or tight shirts” Why? Because this goes hand-in-hand with the cleavage. It’s just inappropriate.

Japan is a country that gets really intense in all four seasons. It can get really humid and hot in the summer and freezing in the winter so it is advised to dress practically. You can also layer it up with some worn layers in the winter and light and breathable clothes in a summer.

June and July are the rainy months so rain jackets umbrellas whatever is going to keep you dry and even in the summer months always bring in cardigan with you because the nights can get chilly a lot of the buildings really crank Daisy.

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